Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pills that make you talkative?

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Pills that make you talkative?

I got problem talking with people sometimes, like im thinking i should say xxxxxxxx to someone but i just sit there and dont say it.

I was offered long timr ago pills that they said will make me want to go out and talk to people.
They also mentioned some side effect about depression but i cant remember.

can I get more info about this?

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adderall will make you talk like crazy
ok your friend was probibly talking about ecstacy that will let you get up close and personla with any stranger on the street i am 100% on this ask anyone and i dont knowwhat that idiot is talking about xane or valum that **** will make you got to sleep or jail i promis Report Abuse

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  • You are probably refering to Benzodiazepines. They are given to people with anxiety disorders/sleeping problems. They are addictive, and they will make you more laid back, less anxious.

    name brands:


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